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Exterior High Rise Cleaning

Interior Cleaning

If you have trouble finding a reliable and trusted professional cleaning service, Pure Cleaners Solutions is ready to help. PCS Cleaning services, as we are known employ professionally trained cleaners who are all reference-checked and uniformed to showcase their professionalism. Our interior commercial and industrial cleaning services are comprised of Office Buildings, Shopping Malls, Warehouses, Factories, Restaurants, Cafes, Retail Stores, Government Buildings, Hotels, Cinemas. We cover a wide range of professional cleaning and management services ranging from:

Internal Commercial Cleaning
  • Thorough Dusting and Disinfecting of Office Furniture
  • Thorough Vacuum, Mopping, Waxing and Polishing floors
  • Clearing and Removal of all Rubbish
  • Thorough Cleaning and Sanitizing of Washrooms
  • Sparkle Finishes at the Reception and other High Profile Areas
  • Employee Lounge / Kitchen Area Cleaning
  • Stair and Elevator Cleaning
  • Wipe and Disinfect Doorknobs, Telephones, and Light Switches
Marble Flooring Cleaning Service

Marble Polishing Services such as:

1.Maintaining & Cleaning – Basic cleaning of marble flooring.

2.Polishing – Sometimes unpolished raw marbles have uneven and scratched surfaces. Therefore, polishing is done to level and bring out the new look of the marble flooring.

3.Waxing – Waxing of marble flooring will bring out top notched shine.

4.Round edge polishing – Due to the different layout and design, there might be areas that are rough and unsightly.

Marble Polishing professionals are able to deep clean, remove scratches, polish and etc. A good professional deep polishing will bring back the “brand new” shine. Although it is quite expensive, it gives the marble flooring a brand new marble look without paying the price for replacement of the old marble titles.

We are able to clean, remove stains and polish to return your scratch and dull marble floorings a brand new look! We provide free onsite quotation and pride ourselves on our service.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Deodorizer

At PCS, our professional-strength carpet deodorizers neutralize odors by eliminating them at their source. Powerful encapsulating agents work hard to provide instant relief from odor. You get a fresh, clean scent you can trust.

Carpet Protection

After cleaning, we can apply a professional-strength carpet protector that helps your carpet, furniture and partitions resist dirt, spills, and daily wear and tear. Our carpet protection acts as a shield around the carpet fibers, making it difficult for dirt to

infiltrate and extends the life of your carpet. Safe for people, pets and the environment, there is no unpleasant odor; and your carpet stays cleaner and longer.

Spot Carpet Cleaning

When unwanted spots appear, they demand a little extra attention. Our mild but effective spot cleaning works great on most carpet without breaking down the carpet protection. The solution uses no optical brighteners and is safe for pets, but effectively prevents any spots from turning into full-blown stains.

Stone Floor Cleaning

Stone and Tiled Floor Cleaning

PCS provides cleaning and renovation services for all interior floor tiles, from natural stone such as Travertine, Slate, Sandstone, Marble, Yorkstone and Limestone to man-made tiles such as Ceramic, Terrazzo, Porcelain also hard vinyl floor tiles like Amtico and Karndean.

We adopt a variety of different cleaning techniques and professional specialized cleaning products depending upon the type of stone or tiled floor that we are cleaning. Our premium quality professional products have been tested over a number of years and designed to clean more effectively without causing any harmful to the stone. Most of our cleaning and protection products are safer water-based solutions which are low odor and more environmentally responsible. In addition, we use top quality sealing products to protect and maintain your floors more easily. We also can use traditional products and methods for traditional floors when required.

Housekeeping Services

We make sure that your hotel is in perfect, pristine condition and ensure that we meet yours and the guests expectation. You will benefit from our staff’s training as each PCS cleaners have been educated with the most efficient cleaning procedures to maintain your property.

Housekeeping Services includes:

  • Make Bed(s)
  • Vacuum Carpets and/or Mop Floors
  • Clean Sinks and Countertops
  • Dust Furniture and Accessories
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Clean Bathroom(s)
  • Remove Trash

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Exterior cleaning services include the cleaning and maintenance of a building’s Facade and Cladding. Our exterior commercial and industrial cleaning services are comprised of Office Buildings facades, Shopping Malls, Facilities Facade, Cladding Cleaning and Window Cleaning. Ensuring that the premise remains presentable, aesthetically pleasing and representative of a city skyline, landmark or office building.

Exterior High Rise Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning Services

Our exterior high rise cleaning cover external wall cleaning, window cleaning and waxing, glass wall cleaning, etc.


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