Who We Are

Our Company

Pure Cleaners Solutions is renowned for their excellent exterior and interior cleaning services. We can professionally clean office buildings, shopping malls, warehouses, factories, restaurants, retail stores, government and private facilities. As an extension to our professional cleaning services, we also offer pest control, marble renewal, window cleaning, housekeeping and latest disinfection technology and intelligent solutions.

Our Vision

To be the global leader and solutions provider for professional and skilled cleaning manpower, cleaning technology and cleaning solutions.

Our Mission

To excel client expectations of professionalism and skill by providing quality experts in cleaning Industry.

We Promise You

Professional Quality Guarantee
Certified Green Cleaning Chemical Guarantee
Professional Cleaning For Health Technology Guarantee
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Our Core Values

We recognise that just having a set of core values is not enough to determine a company’s success. It is how a company incorporates these core values into its culture that would determine the quality of service that we can deliver to match the global standards that we have set for ourselves.

Integrity, Innovative, Pure heart is a core value of the Pure Cleaners Solutions.

We take to heart the core principles of excellence, leadership, entrepreneurship and customer service and apply them towards creating a high standard of professionalism and efficacy. Thus, providing a certainty in business that is significant if not value-added in all aspects of our service undertaking.

As such, we at Pure Cleaners Solutions wholeheartedly ensure that every one of our team members adopts these core values. We have grown from strength to strength, and our success reflects our beliefs and practices in these values

Customer Service

We exist to serve and satisfy our customers. By understanding our customer’s needs via building intimacy, practicing integrity, and constantly learning about their business, we can excel.


Our quest to grow as a group drives us to explore new businesses that may add more value to existing customers and open doors for new customer segments.


It’s in our organisational roots to work together and deliver the best service possible for our customers and stakeholders. We focus on continuous improvement, building strategic partnerships and upholding professionalism at all times.


We create the best leaders to deliver the best solutions in our business, markets and communities for all our customers. We do this by implementing a system of respect, practical teamwork and meritocracy.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Creating A Safe and Secure Environment

The safety and happiness of our staff ultimately lead to better productivity and fewer accidents and work-related incidents. It’s not enough to set a Zero Accident goal; we strive to ensure that we adhere to the best practices of all our industries to ensure that our members know that we have their best interest at heart.

Committing to The Community

Our Cleaning Experts

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We're always looking for eager and new or old and experienced personnel to join our ever-growing team. So drop your resume with us, and let's grow together.
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